App Review Update: Elgato Eve, Now with Triggers

Elgato released an updated version of their HomeKit management app yesterday, available in the iTunes App Store.

There is one major new addition to the app which changes some of the content of the review posted recently of the Eve app, primarily the addition of limited trigger management to the app.

When the app was reviewed, it did support scene creation and management, but it did not support any automated triggering of scenes. HomeKit overall supports scene triggers based on time of day, the user’s phone location (geolocation) and the current state or change in state of a characteristic of a device in the HomeKit setup. Many HomeKit management apps that support triggers for HomeKit scenes don’t support all of these options (a review of a HomeKit management app built by a developer that does not also provide HomeKit compatible hardware but does support all of the trigger options is in the works).

The most commonly supported HomeKit scene trigger, and the one that you will find in most manufacturer developed apps at this time, is time-based. The new Eve app from Elgato adds support for time-based triggers.

To access the trigger configuration in the Eve app (which has been combined with scene management), first tap on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner of the main view, then select “Automation” at the bottom of the list. The first view in Automation is where scenes can now be managed in the Eve app, and selecting “Timers” will take you to a view where you can manage time-based triggers. If you have built out time- based triggers for your HomeKit configuration in another app they will appear here, but geolocation and characteristic based triggers in your HomeKit configuration won’t be displayed in the Eve app.

Triggers in Eve
Triggers, or “Timers,” in the Elgato Eve HomeKit app. First, tap the gear in the upper-right corner to access settings, the select “Automation,” and finally select “Timers.”

Adding a timer is also fairly easy. At the bottom of the timer view is an “Add Timer” button. That will take you to a view where you select whether your timer should act once or repeat (if you choose repeating you will also need to set the repeating frequency), and the date and time you want the timer to execute. Next, you select a scene you want the timer to trigger (the scene needs to already have been created in your HomeKit configuration either in the Eve app or another HomeKit compatible app that supports scene management). Finally, give the trigger a descriptive name so you can recognize it later and you’re all set. Once you have created the trigger you can also tap into it to edit these settings or to toggle whether or not the trigger is enabled (disabling a trigger will allow you to keep a trigger handy for when you need it, but it won’t run while it is disabled even if the conditions for the trigger are otherwise met).

Trigger Creation in Eve
Creating a trigger in the Eve HomeKit app. First, choose the date and time for the trigger to run (and whether or not it will repeat). Second, select the scene to execute. Third, name the trigger.

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