HomeKit + Wink Together

My primary goal with my SmartHome setup was to use HomeKit compatible devices, as my wife and I are both pretty invested in the Apple ecosystem: I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro sitting on a table with an iPad, an iPhone and a really old Mini I’m trying to install node.js on – you’ll hear more about that soon though.

Even if we weren’t make users, I think there is a lot about HomeKit that is very appealing to a consumer like me. In theory the way HomeKit works I can use any HomeKit compatible device with any HomeKit compatible app, and any device inside the HomeKit bubble can talk to every other device inside the bubble.

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Welcome and HomeKit Dimmer Discussion


First off, welcome to Life on Silicon, a blog and wiki site about SmartHome technology. On this site you will (eventually) find information about SmartHome tech in general, updates when new products are released and announced (especially products that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology), reviews of SmartHome products and more.

I am also working on building out a wiki on the site that will contain information about SmartHome products outlined by category in a massive Product Guide for SmartHome tech. Eventually it may also incorporate other related content, such as lists of other SmartHome blogs and podcasts, how-to guides and more. For now the goal is to focus on the products though and get those covered thoroughly.

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