Hue, me?


The core of my SmartHome system are the Philips Hue lights. I started with a Hue Bridge, two Hue White bulbs (which are available in multiple form factors, including A19, E26, BR30 and PAR16), a Hue Go and a Hue Lightstrip and within a week of installing those I had replaced every light in our home with Hue lighting (except two cans in the kitchen that we are waiting to have the Hue replacements installed in and a halogen reading lamp I love and won’t give up, but do have on an iHome on/off switch and Leviton dimmer switch).

I absolutely love the Hue system. In addition to the lighting products mentioned previously, our setup now includes a handful of the Hue Color Bulbs, two Hue Blooms and soon two Hue Phoenix Downlights (cans). It was just frustrating to have some of the lights controllable by the Hue controls and others not, and now using physical switches just seems archaic. I even broke down and got another Hue Bridge and two white bulbs as a “Hue White Starter Kit” for the lamps in my office at work (setting up another bridge with the phone that controls my home Hue Bridge was more difficult than I expected, I’ll discuss that challenge in a future post).

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