Elgato Eve App: Good HomeKit Management Tool

Introduction to App Reviews

This is the first in what will be a series of posts reviewing the various options for controlling, configuring and managing your HomeKit setup via iOS app. Typically a device requires you to use the manufacturer’s app for its initial setup and configuration, but once your device is added to your HomeKit home you are able to manage that device from any of the HomeKit compatible apps.

These apps can be divided into two categories: manufacturer apps and third-party apps. At the time of this writing, none of the apps provided by device manufacturers support creating and editing triggers, so if you want to take advantage of HomeKit triggers you will need to use a third party app at a minimum to manage your triggers.

Where feasible, when reviewing a manufacturer HomeKit control app we will also provide brief reviews of any devices sold by that manufacturer that we have experience with and are able to review.

With that out of the way, the first HomeKit control app review will cover the Elgato Eve iOS app.

Eve iOS App

eve app room view
The Eve app’s room view The background image here is an actual image of the office these devices are located in, but it isn’t annoying because the details are blurred out.

The Elgato Eve app (iTunes link, Elgato Eve website link) is currently one of the best HomeKit system management apps. The interfaces are very quick to load and the app is very responsive, both in terms of HomeKit devices responding to commands itsends and in terms of the UI of the app itself on iOS. There is also a moderate level of configurability, with a decent icon set for devices and the way it uses photos as blurry backgrounds is cool (you can take a pictures of your rooms and set them as the background for the room’s views in the app and it isn’t annoying or tacky because the app blurs the photo).

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